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The New Scott E Genius | GMBN's First Ride

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Thanks to Scott Bikes for the products used in this video. All views expressed are the presenters own.

The Scott Genius started life in 2003 when Thomas Frischknecht rode it to victory at the Marathon XC World Champs. Since then it's evolution has continued towards becoming a versatile trail bike and the new 2018 Genius has been given the E treatment! Here's Neil's first ride on the brand new 2018 Scott E Genius.

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SCOTT recently redesigned their very popular and versatile trail bike the Genius and this is the brand new E Genius. Let's take a first look.

So the brand new Genius had a full new design, full new frame layout. If you see the E Genius looks very similar. So this shock now mounts vertically down towards the bottom bracket, the old Genius it was up at the top tube. SCOTT really tried to keep the same geometry as close as possible at least and suspension forms between the non motorised and the motorised bikes. 150 mil travel on this bike front and rear and it's also got that safe feature of being able to swap out 27.5 and 29 inch wheels really easily and then all you need to do is flip this chip in that linkage to make sure the BB height is almost identical between the two wheel sizes.

So this bike is now powered by the Shimano steps E8000 system really light compact mountain bike specific motor and battery. So the battery's mounted inside that down tube. So really well integrated. You've got these plastic covers just make sure everything looks really nice and neat. It's almost much smaller than the Bosch systems it means SCOTT have actually shaved three centimetres off that chain length to make sure it feels much more like the normal genius. It's 500 watts per hour this thing it puts out a peak power of 250 watts. The one battery powers everything on here and you also use this left hand shifter so it's very much like the DI2 gear shifter to switch through your modes. At the moment it's OFF. It can then go up to ECO, TRAIL, then BOOST. Nice little touches they're colour coded. Means they can keep that display nice and small and you can see on the move what mode you're actually in.

The three levels of pedal assist also customisable using Shimano's E-TUBE app on your phone. So you choose just how much boost or pedal assist or say they're giving you. You can also set up your DI2 gears so choose how fast those gears shift, how many gears you can shift in one go if you keep your thumb on that paddle, and also the orientation of those paddles and what they do on the rear. So let's take a look at the rest of the controls. You've got this FOX dropper post remote on the right hand side. You've got Shimano Z breaks so downhill breaks, 203 rotors front and rear so big breaks four parts. You need those big breaks for a bike like this. Also you've got this SCOTT Twinloc system so, the moment it's in fully open so it's 150 mil travel, go halfway that's 110 they call that traction, that's really good it keeps your BB high, great for pedalling these bikes as you will do uphill trying to keep that bottom bracket higher. It also firms up that suspension as well so changes the spring curve and then always full lock out for those really smooth fire roads or roads for maximum efficient pedalling.

So how does the geometry compare to the old E Genius? Well the bottom bracket is lower, like I mentioned before, the chain stays are three centimetres shorter, head angle is two degrees slacker and the seat angle is actually one and a half degrees steeper keep you in that nicer climbing position. so going downhill the bike feels really planted obviously like E bikes they've got a lot of weight.

So there's our first look at SCOTT's brand new E Genius. Definitely a few stand out features for me. It's great havin the Twinloc especially when you're peddalin up technical sections as you do on E Bikes stick it in that middle system so the traction control part just keep that BB up. That Shimano system's really good nice to have that compact system. Also the versatility of actually bein able to swap the wheels. Nice little touch I can actually fit a bottle cage in this bike.

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