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Energy gel review - SiS Go gel v High5 Isogel

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In this energy gel review we compare two leading energy gels, Science in Sport's (SiS) Go Gel, and High5's Isogel. We discover they're almost the same, and that their ingredients can cause stomach problems and may also have serious health implications.

Both energy gels compared in this video share a LOT of key ingredients: water, maltodextrin (a manmade sugar), citric acid, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate.

Their ingredients are so similar these two energy gels are basically the same.

Another thing energy gels have in common is that they cause stomach trouble. This is accepted as normal in sports nutrition.

Yet is there any other time you would voluntarily choose to buy and eat a food that had a strong chance of making you ill???

Of course not! Yet it's so normal High5 even helpfully write on the Isogel packet: "consume as directed to avoid gastro-intestinal upset"

Would you eat any other food that needed that writing on the packet??

So by reviewing these two energy gels in this video and looking at their ingredients we can work out two things:

1 They share most of the same ingredients
2 Energy gels often make people ill

We wonder. Could it be the ingredients causing all the trouble?

When you learn:

That maltodextrin destroys gut bacteria, is vitamin and mineral negative (eating it uses up more than it gives back as it has almost none), may harm immune function and could be a primer for inflammatory diseases like arthritis and multiple sclerosis

That sodium benzoate is linked to cancer and Parkinson's

And that Potassium Sorbate has been likened to white blood cell damage...

Well, things start to make more sense.

With ingredients as junky as this it's no wonder people are having trouble when they eat these energy gels!

Just to be clear here, this issue isn't only related to the two energy gels here.

Almost every other energy on the market, regardless of price or brand, is basically made using the same combination of water, maltodextrin, junk sweeteners (sucralose or acesulfame k usually) and preservatives (generally sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate).

Hence they all cause the same issues.

At 33Shake it was our inability to find any energy gel that either worked and/or didn't make us ill that lead to us designing our own.

Using just four whole, natural ingredients our Chia Energy Gels are powerful, delicious and deliver stable energy all day long without any stomach issues or gut bombs.

If you're happy with your regular energy gels, ignore all this and carry on by all means. But if you feel things could be better, why not try our alternative?


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